Friday, May 29, 2009

Cannon being silly!

Gunner loves food as much as his mommy

These boys have it made!

I doubt they will be listening this well in about 10 years!

Gunner cracking up at his cousin Brooklyn

Cannon playing in his walker!

Gunner wore out after his afternoon stroll....

The boys sleep together now, it is sooo sweet!

First Mother's Day

Ok, ok.... so i have been getting in trouble for not updating.... so i will try to update today!!!
Here is a pic of me and the boys on my First Mothers's Day!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spend the night at Meme and Pops

Random Pics

Cannon watching some T.V. from his stroller.... we do anything to make him happy!

Gunner and his mommy


Gunner's favorite place to be..... in his bouncer

Nap time with Opie

Cannon showing out for the camera as usual

Cannon and his Papaw RJ

Cannon and Pops already planning there first fishing trip

OK, OK... I know that all the blog followers are mad...sorry that i haven't posted in so long, i have been all tangled up in Facebook..... i will try to do better! I will post lost of pics today!

Here are the pics from our first day the farm!


The boys and there papa


Cannon and his daddy

Farming wears Gunner out!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How much baby stuff can you fit in a trailer?

Just for laughs, I posted all the baby gear scattered about our living quarters! HA!

This don't even cover the area with all the formula, which cost $20 a day!

The bottles that we have to boil twice a day....

and the diaper area.... at the moment we are in 2 different sizes! Last night I accidentally put one of Gunner's diapers on Cannon...i was like what the heck, this thing is way to big! Yep, I talk to myself alot!!

They house has been takin over by munckin gear, but I love it! And i am so thankful for those lil boogers... they have only been here 3 months and i don't remember life before them!!!

There Meme and I bought them a whole new wardrobe this week, hopefully i will get some good pics this weekend to show off the new duds... ha! We have our first 2 birthday parties to attend!!!

Sweet Pics w/ Mom and Dad

Who knew, a whole family in a queen size bed!

Gunner and his daddy!
Cannon and his mommy!